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December 1, 2012
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Story continues after reread from panel 5.

From panel 5.....Lisa continued to apply pressure to the iron bar until it began to heat up and weaken. The iron made a metallic groining sound as it could no longer withstand the incredible power of Lisa's primal unfettered strength. It began to bend and was reduced to its constituant atoms. Lisa was pumped to the max from her efforts and her biceps had swollen to humongous proportions. She shrieked with joy over how easily the iron bar yielded to her.

She began to notice that everyone in the gym had stopped their routines and all were gazing at her in astonishment. She tried to stop from giggling but she burst out with an amusing laugh as she could see the men could not take their eyes off of her.

Her body began to absorb the iron bar, her muscles using it for nourishment as they bulged noticeably and became even harder than than iron bar had been.

She moaned as she felt another growth surge. Her upper arms were now easily bigger than her waste as her biceps coiled into a steel like ball.

Each one of her massive legs were now approximately 150% thicker than her waste. She noticed how everyone in the gym had their mouths drop open in awe. She knew everyone wanted to touch her and feel her hard ripped muscularity.

Part 2 Panel 6:

Lisa began flexing her left bicep, all the time the iron was being absorbed by her. Her biceps grew larger than even the biggest male bodybuilder at the gym. They were at east 26 inches in circumference. The blood pumped into her arm as she flexed. Her delts now bulged and nestled against her left ear.

Suddenly her bicep peak erupted as her arms noticeably expanded with every pump of her massive biceps. Her bicep became flush as more blood was pumped into it.

Everyone looked on with amazement as her bicep peak seemed to actually create new muscle and her peak split into 2 halves with visible cleavage between them. Again her peaks swelled and split until her bicep peaks were made up of several individually striated sub peaks.

Onlookers began to audibly gasp, one woman shouted "Oh my God" just as she appeared to go into orgasm from watching Lisa's muscles explode with constant growth.

No one looked away to see what woman had shouted out, they were all deeply entranced by her now. Lisa looked deeply into the eyes of the male closest to her. He was mesmerized by her gaze. He looked in her eyes for a moment, then returned his gaze to her bicep peaks which had grown at least 2 more inches in the last moment.

Lisa spoke softly to this overwhelmed male. "Get a tape measure and measure my biceps." It took a moment and some more prodding as the male attempted to gather enough strength to take his eyes off of her. Finally he left and in a short while returned with a 36" cloth tape measure.

Lisa pumped her bicep a few more times and then held out her unflexed left arm for the man to measure. He trembled as he tried to wrap the tape measure around her arm. He began to stammer and said, "The tape measure won't reach, its at least 1" too short. Your biceps are at least 37 inches unflexed."

The woman who had reached orgasm earlier, climaxed again and let out a load shrill and yelled, YES!!! with a animalistic sound that seemed to encompass several octaves at once. The woman convulsed in ultimate joy , letting go of inhibition in her primal delight.

Lisa pretended not to notice, softly spoke to a group of males. She requested a protein drink so she could keep adding more size and definition. The bigger and more pumped up she got, the softer she spoke. She seemed to recognize that the guys were not only in awe of her but slightly intimidated. So she gave an encouraging smile to them as they fell over themselves taking turns giving her protein drinks.

Lisa drank with her drink in one hand while continually pumping her free arm. Then the next protein drink she would switch arms, thus she had a steady stream of protein and her growth increases began in earnest.
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LauraJoKover Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012
Oh and to follow on. Have you seen the male bodybuilders with 26" biceps. When they get that big, they tend to not be round anymore but sometimes are even close to squarish in places. Both arms usually don't match then when they are that big. SO what 37" arms might look like is open to speculation. I released about 6 version of her and the best one was about 3 versions ago. This one should be in scraps, but I just throw them all out together. Besides she was perfect as she was before I morphed her. Bigger isn't always better. Not too mention some styles of drawing is cartoons, maybe I should go that route, to avoid any confusion.
Warfang512 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012
Don't quite know how I feel about the picture but I love the story!
LauraJoKover Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012
How can you like the story and not the pic? That is about what 37 inch arms would look like. I bet her
arms in the last pic would be Closer to 28 inches.
Warfang512 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012
It's not all about size it's about quality. I really like how her thigh looks in those short shorts but her arm looks off and her other arm is the same size throughout.
LauraJoKover Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012
Well its because the pixels in her left arm have been stretched about 500% by this point. So the only thing to do is fill in with glows and shading which can wash out the original lighting. The other arm would have to be built from scratch as there simply is not enough there to morph 500% to match the other side. That would require an artist which I am not.
As far as the shape of her left arm, it really isn't too far off. The insertion point for her biceps has crept back to far toward her delts. I did that on purpose though to make her bicep more exaggerated and full. If this were art, art doesn't have to follow science to the letter, it can be abstract and expressive. I don't to make things exactly anitomicallt correct. If I was an exacting person, I'd be a brain surgeon, this is for relaxation and entertainment. My goal isn't to be an artist, its a hobby is all.
Warfang512 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012
Hmm I think we got off on the wrong foot here Ms. Laura I definitely didn't mean to insult you. I really did like your story and honestly I think you're a better author then artist. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. I get that your picture is a tad more abstract and I still liked it just not quite as much as your lovely story.
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